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Aluminium heat-resistant paint-Silver

Item No.: 725-W61-01
- One pack, dry at room or higher temperature.
- On surface likely to reach up to 300~350℃.
- VOC less than 535g/L.
Intended Uses
- For use at all kinds of high temperature equipment.
- For use petroleum pipeline or oven.
Product Information
Volume Solids:40%±2%                  Finish/Sheen:  Golss
Film Thickness(μm) Min Typical Max
Dryfilm Thickness 20 30 40
Wetfilm Thickness 50 75 100
Theoretical Coverage(m2/L) 20 13.3 10
Mix Ratio: One pack
Method of Application Recommended
Airless Spray Tip size range: 0.38-0.53mm
Output pressure: ≥17MPa
Air Spray Tip size range:  2.0-3.0mm
Output pressure: ≥0.4MPa
Brush/Roller For small area only
Thinner Not recommended. Use only in exceptional circumstances (volume 5%).
Cleaner JX-601
Induction Period Not necessary
Drying Information
       10℃          25℃          35℃    
Touch Dry    1h 30min 20min
Hard Dry 8h 6h 3h
Pot Life Not applicable
Overcoating Data
  10℃ 25℃ 35℃
Overcoated by  Min Max Min Max Min Max
725-W61-01 8h   Non 6h   Non 3h   Non
Store in cool and dry conditions,Well ventilate.Keep away from hot and fire. Shelf Life: 12 months
minimum at 25 ℃,Subject to re-inspection thereafter.
Pack Size: 19.8kg/18L in 20L container
Flash Point:Greater than 28℃
Systems and Compatibility
Consult your sales Representative for the systems best suited for the surfaces to be protected.