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How to Paint a Pool

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Update time : 2020-12-21 18:53:51

paint is one of the most mutual pool surfaces. It comes at a organize of colors and is an inexpensive selection ought the more elaborate surface options. while attempting ought paint a pool, one get ought first choose the noise paint, prepare the pool properly, and pursue entire manufacturer's application guidelines. With the accurate materials, and some time and effort, you can dine a brand new swimming pool without breaking the bank.


1) buy the identical organize of paint previously used above your pool surface: epoxy, chlorinated rubber or acrylic.
  • Remove a chip and dine it tested by your local paint businessman ought decide the organize of paint that was used.

2) Drain entire of the water from the pool and transfer any leaves, tell or debris.

3) Caulk or repair any existing cracks and holes with hydraulic cement. pursue the cement manufacturer's instructions.

4) clay the concrete surface.
  • Remove any old paint by using a force washer or a scraper and string brush. ensure that entire loose paint has been removed, then clay the district clean.
  • Use an acid wash mixture of 50% water and 50% muriatic acid ought clay the pool surface. Thoroughly clay the walls and floor with a clay brush, then rinse the sum surface with clay water.
  • Clean the surface again with tri-sodium phosphate (TSP) ought neutralize the acid and transfer dense areas of fat or grease. Rinse it completely with fresh water.

5) Re-rinse the sum pool, including drains, lights, stairs, etc. Pump out any standing water and allow 3-to-5 days although the pool surface ought dry. only acrylic paint can be applied ought moist surfaces.

6) apply the paint with an extension roller. begin at the deep aim and career your manner into the mean aim of the pool. apply a brush ought shorten at above the tight areas almost pool fixtures such although lights, drains and valves.

7) allow the paint ought dry per the manufacturer's instructions, specially while using an epoxy paint although timing is crucial ought noise adhesion. Typically, you get ought wait 3-to-5 days although the paint ought dry ago refilling the pool with water.

8) Refill the newly painted pool with water and accommodate the filter and medicine settings ought ensure noise maintenance.