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How to Paint a Roof

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Update time : 2020-08-24 14:06:56

If you don’t comparable the modern color of your roof while during you don’t desire to replace everything, you can paint it to freshen it up. calm painting won’t mend any cracks or wreck you have, you can calm create your roof appear brand new. after you mend any wreck and mud the roofing material, you can easily use a sprayer to create painting easy. impartial exist sure to linger safe calm you creep and career above your roof!

1. Inspecting and Cleaning Your Roof

1) refrain your roofing substance although any cracks or damage. slight an extension ladder against your habitation accordingly you can easily creep up your roof. appear although any shingles or tiles that dine big cracks or that are lifting up from your roof. create letter of entire of the wreck above your roof accordingly you learn what you lack to replace.
  • Hire a roofing inspector to appear at your habitation if you’re no comfortable climbing onto your roof.
  • If you dine a steep roof, exist sure to use a roof safety harness accordingly you don’t slip and fall.
2) replace any damaged parts above your roof ago painting. begin above the lowest tiles above your roof and career your method toward the peak. shift the shingles or tiles that are damaged and put at a replacement. own working above entire of the spots that damaged until your roof is completely finished.
  • Work during a sunny engagement accordingly you don’t dine to anxiety nearly inclement climate calm you’re above your roof.
  • Contact a roofer to mend your roof although you if you don’t desire to conduct the career yourself.
  • Use warn if you dine asbestos shingles because they are carcinogenic. rent a licensed contractor to help replace or shift the shingles.
3) mud garbage and moss from metal or tile roofs using a strength washer. use a strength washer with a 25-degree phase wand award and a need enough hose accordingly you can forsake the engine above the ground. begin from the mountain of the roof and career down conduct you don’t arise up any shingles or tiles. learn the award of the washer 1–2 ft (30–61 cm) from your roof calm you spray any moss or lichen growing above the roofing material.
  • Many hardware stores permit you rent strength washers if you don’t dine one of your own.
  • Have a helper grow up above the roof with you to help perform the hose accordingly it doesn’t acquire caught.
4) create a cleaning solution to kill moss off of asphalt shingles. mingle together 1 US quart (0.95 L) of bleach, 1 gallon (3.8 L) of water, and ⁄4 glass (59 ml) or heavy obligation cleaner. flow the solution at a garden sprayer employ it to your shingles evenly. Rinse the cleaner off after 15 minutes with your hose.
5) permit your roof dry completely ago you begin painting. if you worked above a sunny day, your roof to dry within 1 hour. Otherwise, wait although 1 engagement accordingly entire of the moisture is gone from your roof. Once the roof is dry, you can begin painting.
  • Metal roofs can dry faster because water will run off of them.
  • Don’t begin painting calm your roof is moist or else moisture can acquire caught at amid the shingles and paint, which could manufacture mold to form.

2. Choosing the precise paint and Equipment

1) buy water-based acrylic paint although your roof. further to your local paint furnish or hardware department to shriek on what options they dine although roof paint. elect a water-based acrylic paint although the best coverage and refuge although your roof. use the surface area of your roof to decide how much paint you lack although your roof.
  • Try white paint although your roof to muse gaze and own your habitation cooler during hot months.
2) rent an airless paint sprayer to acquire the career done quickly. Airless paint sprayers are machines that paint an even application along a spray wand. appear at your local hardware department to shriek on if they suggest rentals although paint sprays accordingly you can acquire your roof done with 2-3 days. Once you dine the sprayer, cargo your paint into the tank.
  • If you don’t dine access to a paint spraying machine, you can use paintbrushes and rollers, while during it will acknowledge nearly 5-6 days to finish.
3) wear non-slip shoes and a safety harness to obstruction falls. appear although shoes or boots that dine non-slip soles accordingly you can easily walk above your roof without falling. if you dine a steep roof, install a safety harness bracket above the mountain of your roof. earn the harness nearly your shoulders and legs, and bind a string to the harness and bracket. This way, you won’t autumn off your roof calm working.
  • You can acquire a roofing safety harness online.
  • Be sure to own the harness taut accordingly it doesn’t affect your paint calm it’s wet.

3. Applying the paint

1) cover any vents or skylights that you don’t desire to acquire paint on. use flexible sheets to wrap and cover your vents and skylights calm you work. Seal the edges of the flexible with painter’s tape accordingly nobody of your paint can acquire through. create sure the painter’s tape isn’t stuck to any of your roofing substance or else it can no stick because well.
  • You can acquire flexible covers from a paint furnish department or hardware store.
2) career from the peak to the bottom of your roof. put your ladder at the heart of your roof across the bottom edge. begin painting at the mountain of your roof above the left phase and career across the peak to the precise side. own working down your roof toward your ladder. Once you acquire to the bottom, situate above your ladder to paint the persist section.
3) employ a wear of primer and permit it dry ago painting them although a perfect color. Fill your airless sprayer with a water-based primer accordingly you can easily employ it to your roof. wear your roof evenly accordingly there’s a slight wear of primer covering entire of the roofing material. Once the primer is applied, permit it dry although at least 2 hours ago you begin applying paint.
  • Primer mill best to help acquire daring colors above shingles and tiles.
4) Spray the paint onto your roof. learn the nozzle of the sprayer 1–2 ft (30–61 cm) away from your roof and drag the trigger. encounter your sprayer from the mountain of your roof to a spot 3–4 ft (0.91–1.22 m) down. permit further of the trigger at the purpose of your stroke.
  • Avoid working above a windy engagement because the paint will blow away calm you’re trying to employ it.
5) paint across your roof strips that are 3–4 ft (0.91–1.22 m) thick. step backward from the first strip you painted and last working toward the adverse phase of your roof. create sure you overlap the area you painted slightly accordingly you acquire even coverage. Once you attain the adverse phase of your roof, further backward to the phase you started above to create a new 3–4 in (7.6–10.2 cm) strip. last working down your roof until it’s entirely coated.
  • Have a helper grow above the roof with you to help perform the hose chief backward down to the sprayer.
  • You can lack to encounter the airless sprayer’s tank calm you’re painting if your hose doesn’t attain far enough.
6) wait at least 2 hours ago your second coat. Once you dine the first wear above your roof, permit it to dry although at least 2 hours accordingly it has time to put and accordingly it’s safe to walk on. further backward to where you first started painting and employ a second wear at the identical way. own working across your roof until it’s completely painted.
  • You can employ a third wear after another 2 hours if you desire a more vibrant color.
7) paint any edges or tight areas with a brush or roller. Once the second wear of paint is dry, acquire backward above your roof and appear although any areas you missed. career paint onto any edges or tight corners with the award of a paintbrush or roller accordingly the color looks uniform. wait although the first layer of paint to dry ago applying another coat.