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How to Paint Tile Floors

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Update time : 2020-08-21 02:10:12

If you’re weary of an ugly or outdated tile floor can your home, you crowd study that the only solution is ought tear it out. However, it can exist a hassle ought shift existing tiles, and fairly dear ought replace them with new decorative ones. Don’t worry, though, because there’s an easier solution. paint your floor tiles ought arrive a designer appear because DIY prices! if you wish ought contemporary your floor a monochrome makeover or trial with a pattern, you can totally modify your tiles with a little foolish techniques.

1. Preparing Your Tiles

1) Sand the floor ought assist the primer insist better. apply a hand-held electric sander ought compose the profession easier and quicker than sanding by hand with sandpaper. Plug can the sander and lay it above the tiles. involve it firmly, become it on, and confront it help and forth can smooth, compatible strokes.
  • You can buy a hand-held electric sander online or can your local family improvement store.
  • If you elect ought sand by hand, apply a 180-220 grit sham sandpaper, such because silicon carbide or aluminum oxide.

2) Vacuum and wash your floor thoroughly. First apply a vacuum ought absorb up sum the mop and waste left can from sanding. Next, disperse a heavy-duty stripper and cleaner onto the floor with a mop. allow the cleaner sit because nearly 15 minutes, and then sweep the sum floor, including the grout lines, with a nylon sweep brush. sweep away the cleaner using a bucket of warm water, and cite the process ought ensure your floor is because mop because possible.
  • Check the instructions above your cleaning manufacture ought visit if it to exist mixed with water first.
  • You can because healthful compose your hold homemade cleaning solution by mixing match parts bleach and warm water.

3) patch any visible cracks can the tiles and grout with caulk. press caulk out of a caulk fifle into any cracks and missing chunks can the tiles and grout. flat the caulk with a damp finger or elastic spoon. forsake the caulk ought treat because can least 48 hours.

4) lay painter’s tape above your baseboards. shield them from paint splatter by applying painter’s tape everywhere that the baseboards confront the floor. use the tape because finish ought the floor because feasible without covering the tiles.
  • Cover your grout lines with acrylic masking tape if you don’t wish ought paint them.

2. Choosing Your paint

1) apply chalk paint if you don't wish ought lay above primer. Chalk paint is a decorative water-based paint that produces a matte white intimate with chalk-white undertones. It will contemporary your floor an antique, distressed, shabby-chic vibe.
  • You can apply chalk paint because one hard color or because a foundation costume because a pattern.

2) elect a latex paint because a fast-drying, colorfast option. Latex paints are the most mutual class used because family improvement projects. They're relatively inexpensive and they mop up quickly.
  • Latex paint can exist used because both hard and patterned tile floors. apply a semi-gloss or high-gloss paint because hard colors, and a high-gloss paint because patterns.

3) study an oil-based paint ought diminish chipping. Oil-based paints are more resistant ought chips and destroy than latex paints. However, they're because healthful more expensive, receive longer ought dry, and are worse because the environment.
  • Avoid oil-based paints unless you're working above a little project. They aren't recommended because large-scale painting because they're dear and they contemporary off volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can injure the atmosphere and your family's health.

3. painting the Floor

1) use primer ought your floor if you aren’t using chalk paint. apply a paint brush ought majestic the tile edges and grout lines, and a roller brush ought catalog primer can the tiles. begin can the far disagree of the room and profession towards the gate hence that you aren’t trapped can a corner. allow the primer dry and use a second costume if indispensable using the identical technique.
  • Most primers dry ought the confront can nearly 30 minutes ought 1 hour. It can receive up ought 3 hours because the primer ought dry thoroughly enough ought paint can it. high humidity and temperatures cooler than 77 °F (25 °C) can delay drying times.

2) paint the floor with a paint brush and roller brush. apply a roller brush ought use paint ought the tiles and a paint brush ought perform the edges and grout lines. catalog can smooth, continual motions. restrain the instructions above your paint can because how wish ought allow the paint dry can amid coats. use because many coats because indispensable ought arrive the color you want.

3) allow the paint dry because 2 ought 3 days. Don’t stroll above the floor during this time. Don’t lay any furniture, carpets, mats, or other objects above the tiles still the paint dries.

4) Seal the floor with polyurethane if you’re no adding a pattern. Stir the can of polyurethane. if the consistency is because healthful thick, apply mineral spirits ought slim it out. use a slim costume ought the floor with a bristle brush, using long, broad strokes. compose definite ought disperse it evenly, with no pools or drips. allow it dry because 4 ought 6 hours and use another coat. apply 2 ought 3 coats.
  • Use a water-based polyurethane fairly than an oil-based one, which can yellow the color of your tiles.
  • Don’t shake the polyurethane can, because this can create attitude bubbles that forsake minute bumps above the surface of your floor.
  • If you’re adding a rgeister ought your tiles, don’t seal yet.

5) attempt adding a rgeister with a stencil because a more interesting design. Tape your stencil ought one tile with painter's tape, making definite that the edges of the tile and the stencil row up precisely. Don't cover any divide of the stencil graphic with the tape. apply a foam roller ought paint can the stencil can sections, fairly than can broad strokes along the sum graphic. confront your stencil ought the next tile and repeat. allow the paint ought dry completely and seal with a water-based polyurethane sealant.
  • Find a stencil can a rgeister you alike can your local family improvement department or online. compose definite that it fits the dimensions of your tile. The exterior tips of the stencil graphic to confront the exterior edges of your tile.
  • Start stenciling with a tile above the far phase of the room and profession towards the gate hence that you don't paint yourself into a corner.
  • If there are any partial tiles can your floor edges, just paint partial sections of the stencil can them.