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Ceramic Tile Sealant

Item No.: PS700C
PS700C  is a new type of ceramic tile sealant developed based on polyaspartic technology.
PS700C Ceramic Tile Sealant is a new type developed based on polyaspartic resin. It solves the traditional ceramic tile sealant procedure, which can not be cured at low temperatures or outdoors, nor is it resistant to acid and alkali corrosion. Additionally, its aesthetic properties are similar to those of polyaspartic polyurea since it is fast drying, waterproof, abrasion-resistant, and weather resistance.
1:Outdoors never turn yellow, UV resistant, anti-aging
2:Fast drying at low temperature, can be used normally at Zero 10 degrees Celsius
3:Waterproof and high toughness, resistant to cracking
4:Wear-resistant, anti-blackening, acid and alkali resistant, easy to clean.
5:Safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, odorless
6:Convenient construction , high efficiency, no shrinkage, no falling,
(1)Suitable for using on all kinds of counters, window sills, furniture, flooring, wall and other gaps, cabinets, the corners of bathroom and kitchen, can also be used to paste hard materials;
(2)Can be used for waterproofing, sealing and structural bonding of outdoor tiles
Temperature and curing time
Temperature(℃) Dry time(min) Basic curing(Hrs) Fully cured (days)
       0   120        24         15
      15    50        10          7
      25      25         4          3
      35    10         2          3
Instructions:External packaging
Shelf life: 6 months
1.Double-tube static mixing mode. If there is no construction for more than 20 minutes, the material inside the hose will be solidified. Pay attention to the time limit during construction.
2.During the construction, it is not recommended to use the first 40cm material that has just been mixed in the rubber nozzle to avoid affecting the service life.
3.Avoid eye contact and long-term contact with skin that is not fully cured, away from children to prevent touch