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Epoxy Mastic Ntc Aluminium

Item No.: EP1141‐003
EP1141‐003 is two components modified aluminium pigmented epoxy.
A high build coating with excellent adhesion to rusted area and most aged coatings.
Recommended uses
Particularly recommended for upgrading old coatings and repainting rusted steel where hand cleaning only is possible. Excellent maintenance system for piping, bridges, tanks, ships and offshore structures, etc.
Not recommended
Immersion service in acids, alkalies or solvents.
Chemical resistance guide
  Immersion Splash&Spillage Fumes
Acids NR Good Excellent
Alkalies NR Good Excellent
Solvents NR Excellent Excellent
Salt water Excellent Excellent Excellent
Fresh water Excellent Excellent Excellent
Temperature resistance
Continuous 120ºC
Non-Continuous 120ºC
Weathering:Chalks without suitable topcoat.
Steel and others substrate as recommended. May be used over most generic type of coatings, which are tightly  adhering to substrate including organic and inorganic zinc primers.
Topcoat required
Can be topcoated with most generic types. Epoxy, polyurethane and polyaspartic polyurea coats are recommended.
Solids content:82 ± 2% by volume.
  Filmthickness per coat:μm Theoretical coverage:m2 / L
  Dry Wet  
1 100300 120360 8.22.7
2 150 185 5.5
 1、Recommended DFT.
Flash point:Part A : 40℃,Part B : 25℃