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Heavy-duty anticorrosive coating-Grey/Red

Item No.: 725-H45-ZF101G
- A two pack epoxy heavy-duty anticorrosive coating and it is
  characterized by good adhesion and excellent resistance to
  chemicals, water and corrosion.
- VOC less than 180g/L.
Intended Uses
- For use in heavy-duty anticorrosive areas.
- For steel ortidal range zone of concrete stakes heavy-duty anticorrosion.
- For interior circulatory water piles of power plant special strengthening anticorrosion.
- For interior wall of steel pipes and concrete of Sewage treatment works, power plants and chemical plants etc.        
- For works of tap water and water anticorrosion.
Product Information
Volume Solids:85%±2%                  Finish/Sheen: Gloss
Typical Film Thickness 500microns dry (588microns wet)
Theoretical Coverage(m2/L) 1.7m2/L at typical film thickness
Mix Ratio: 3.4:1(volume)7:1(mass)
Method of Application  
Airless Spray Recommended
Tip size range:0.45-0.68mm
Output pressure:≥17MPa
Air Spray Not recommended
Brush/Roller For small area only
Thinner Not recommended. Use only in exceptional circumstances (volume 5%).
Cleaner HX-501
Induction Period Not necessary
Drying Information
       -5℃             5℃            25℃           35℃      
Touch Dry 4h 2h 1h 45min
Hard Dry 48h 36h 20h 10h
Pot Life 4h 2h 1h 40min
Overcoating Data
  Substrate Temperature
  5℃ 15℃ 25℃ 35℃
Overcoated by Min Max Min Max Min Max Min Max
725-H45-ZF101G 48h 14d 36h 10d 20h 7d 10h 5d
Store in cool and dry conditions,Well ventilate.Keep away from hot and fire. Shelf Life: 12 months
minimum at 25 ℃,Subject to re-inspection thereafter.
Pack Size
Part A: 30kg/15.5L in 20L container
Part B: 4.3kg/4.5L in 6L container
Flash Point
Part A: Greater than 31℃
Part B: Greater than 29℃
Mixed pant: Greater than 31℃
Systems and Compatibility
Consult your sales Representative for the systems best suited for the surfaces to be protected.