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High wear resistant polyurea microsphere topcoat

Item No.: HA6475
A three-part coating cured by polyaspartic acid ester resin and isocyanate,added organic particles.
Composition A three-part coating cured by polyaspartic acid ester resin and isocyanate,added organic particles.
Curing method Normal temperature curing, 0-35 ℃.
Application High abrasion-resistant floor paint Finish.
Features High solid content, low toxicity environmental protection, goodweatherability, semi-matt, high surfacehardness, excellent abrasion resistance.
Package B agent was 3.7kg, A agent 0.74kg and C agent 0.55kg.(ratio 100:18:15)
Range of use Compared with PA6475-P60, the luster is more dumb.
Material base data(25℃,60%RH)  
  B  Agent A Agent
Appearance Colorless liquid Light yellow liquid
Smell Non Slight
Viscosity25℃ 1200MPaS 12MPaS
Proportion25℃ 1.1  
Solid content 100%  
Mixed material Data(25℃,60%RH)                 
Viscosity of mixed : 450MPaS
Mixing proportion (without aggregate):1.05
Mixed solids(with aggregate):85%
Potlife : 20min  
Dry time:2hr                  
Walking Opening time: 8hr
Weight opening time: 48days
Operation time and temperature relation
  25℃,50%RH 30℃,75%RH
Usable time       20min      15min
Finger touch          2hr        2hr
Finger press        8hr        6hr
Material physical properties after curing
Paint film appearance Semi-matt light skid-resistant surface
7th hardness 3H
Wear (CS17 wheel 750g,500 turn) 15mg
Anti-impact performance(1000g,1m) Pass
Construction prohibited when humidity is greater than 85%RH;
The curing agent component meets the water vapor extremely easily to deteriorate, saves must seal dry.
User's guidance:
After mixing, the material must be poured all over the floor and then scraped, so as to avoid the bottom of the aggregate and the poor surface effect;
Adopt the construction method of batch scraping firstly and then roller coating, and evenly collect the short wool or sponge roller;
Dosage strictly controlled in 0.08~0.1kg/m2, avoidaccumulation, otherwise foaming serious;
This material has very high requirements for construction. It must be trained by our company before use.
Storage: Ideal storage conditions is 5-35 ℃ in cool and dry place, avoid sun exposure.