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Mining Equipment Processing Protective Coatings

Item No.: PS600C
PS600C designed for mining equipment processing provide maximum protection against friction and corrosive elements. very good impact,wear-resistant, abrasion, and chemical resistance.The goal is to extend the life of equipment, saving cost in replacemen.
PS600C is the state of the art 100% solids, ultra fast-set, flexible, spray-applied, high-build, and two components aromatic pure polyurea elastomer. The product is mainly composed of isocyanate semi-prepolymer, terminal amino polyether, polyether polyol, Chain extender, pigment, with high strength, good performance, quick construction of a single molding without seams and other advantages. It is used by itself or in combination with other materials to produce coatings, liners, wearing courses, and resilient surface on mining equipment surface and other substrates.
1. Fast-set, short down time, no sagging.
2. Excellent Physiochemical Properties.
3. Bondable and paintable to various kinds of substrates.
4. Ambient insensitive, good thermal stability.
5. 100% Solids, No VOC’s, Odorless, No Toxic Vapors.
6. Good resistance to a wide range of chemical attack.
7. Excellent Abrasion resistance and Impact resistance.
8. Good weather ability, Added color stability.
9. Seamless, flexible, slick and non-porous.
10. No chalking and fading in long-term use outdoors.
 Volume solid content 100%
Hardness(shore A) 88
Density 1.02g/cm3
Elongation ≥350%
Tensile strength 18MPa
Impact strength  ≥70N/mm
Water impermeability 0.4MPa,60min
Abrasion Resistance /(GB/T 1689-1998, cm3/1.61km, mg) ≤0.24mg
Wear resistance (750g,500r)  30mg
Impact resistance 1.5kg.m
Electric strength 15kv/mm
Temperature variation -35------+120°C
Heating temperature 55-65°C
Gel time(sec) 7-15
Tack free time(sec) 30-50
Water resistance(30d) no rust no bubbles no peel
Acid resistance (10%H2SO4 or 10%HCI, 30d) no rust no bubbles no peel
Alkali resistance 10%NaOH, 30d  no rust no bubbles no peel
Salt resistance 60g/L, 30d no rust no bubbles no peel
Salt spray resistance (2000h) no rust no bubbles no peel
Oil resistance 0# diesel crude oil 30d  no rust no bubbles no peel
Flash point 200°C
mining equipment like spiral separator,flotation cell and washing drum.
Two-component, A component 220KG / 200L barrel, B component 210KG / 200L barrel.
Spray polyurea material standard color is gray, can also provide other colors according to user requirements
Spraying polyurea materials should be equipped with basic labor protection measures during it was be used.
It is recommended that operators be equipped with protective clothing, goggles, plastic gloves, masks and other protective equipment.
Storage/Shelf Life
Ideal storage condition is 5-35 ℃ in cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight. / Nine months