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Polyaspartic Anti-corrosive topcoat

Item No.: PH9503
PH9503 polyaspartic coating is a relatively new class of coatings that have been used successfully in a number of high profile protective applications for various steel structures.
PH9503 is composed of Polyaspartic esters and various anti-corrosive pigments and fillers,additive and a small amount of solvent. All main ingredients are manufactured by own.
  • Excellent weather resistance and gloss retention
  • Good adhesion to substrate
  • Excellent impact resistance and wear resistance
  • Quick drying
  • High solid content
Application:It can be used as a weather-resistant finish for various steel structures, fiberglass and various decorative materials.
Physical Parameters:
Color:According to customers’ requirement
Weight Solid:≥65%
Film thickness:Dry: 60-120μm, Wet film: 85-170μm
Theoretical coating rate:Theoretical value:10㎡/L/60μm
Actual value:varies according to various factors such as surface treatment, external environment, construction method, etc.
Main Technical indicators of Coating Film:
Elongation:≧300%                                   test method:GB/T 16777-2008      
Tensile Strength:≧4MPa                          test method:GB/T 16777-2008    
Adhesion (concrete):≧4 MPa                  test method:GB/T 5210-2006
Abrasive resistance(750g/500r):≦40     test method:GB/T 5210-2006 
Construction parameters:
Airless spray:Main paint: curing agent=2:1
Air spray:Main paint: curing agent: thinner=2:1:0.4-0.6
Coating available time: 
Temperature(℃)      5             10           20         25     
Mixing(hrs) 2.5 2 1.5 1
Construction conditions: -5 -40 ℃, humidity: ≤ 85%
Substrate temperature: must be greater than the air dew point temperature above 3 ℃        
Construction method
Airless spraying, air spraying, brushing and roller
Airless spray (two-component) (Recommended Use)
Nozzle Size 0.021-0.023
Outlet pressure 100-150kg.cm3
Dilution ratio 5-15%(Weight)
Cleaning agent / thinner: Polyurea standard thinner
Note: If you use airless spray or brush, roller coating, please consult our engineers before use. 
Drying time and coating interval:
Temperature(℃)        5               10           20            30      
Touch dry 4 3 2 1
Hard dry 24 14 10 8
Overcoating interval 36 20 16 12
The above data are for guidance only. Actual drying time / time interval before coating can be long or short, depending on film thickness, ventilation, humidity, lower paint, preloading requirements and mechanical strength.
Painting matching
Applicable:polyurea supporting primer, polyurea middle coating, or refer to our recommended package
Surface treatment
1,Rinse with salt water and other water-soluble dirt
2,Remove grease with a suitable detergent and degreaser
3,Make sure the surface is clean and dry before construction
4,Note the distance between the coating and the primer
Storage time: Paint: 1 year Curing agent: 9 months
Storage temperature: 0 ℃ -40 ℃