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Polyaspartic elastic waterproof repair varnish

Item No.: HA8810
HA8810 is a new generation of waterproof repair varnish based on polyaspartic technology.Mainly used for waterproofing kitchen and bathroom tile surfaces.
It is consist of Polyaspartic esters and variety of pigment, filler ,additive , isocyanate curing agent.All main ingredients are manufactured by own.
■ Environmentally friendly, odorless
■ Good adhesion to tiles
■ Excellent elongation and Tensile strength
■ Simple construction and quick drying
Application: Mainly used for waterproofing kitchen and bathroom tile surfaces
Product Specification
Color:     Colorless and transparent
Solid content by weight:≥95%
Flash point:   98±3℃
Viscosity:      230±100CPS (25℃,A,B components combined)
Density:        1.15±0.02g/cm3
Gloss:           Bright light
Film thickness(μm): Flat Dry:200-300   Wet:200-300
                             Façade Dry:100-150   Wet:100-150                   
Theoretical coverage:3 Sqm/Kg/100μm
Actual value:Related to surface treatment, external environment,application method and other factors.
Elongation:≧100%                                       test method:GB/T 16777-2008
Tensile strength: 10MPa(400-600um)     test method:GB/T 16777-2008
Tear strength N/mm:≧60                              test method:GB/T 529-2008
Adhension(Tile):≧10 MPa                        test method:GB/T 5210-2006
Abrasion resistance(750g/500r):≤25ug     test method:GB/T 1768-2006
Application paramether
Brush/Roller:B:A:=2:1(stir well before use)
Working time: 
Temperature(℃) 5 10 20 25
Working time(min) 60~70 50~60 40~50 30~40
Environment temperature: 5℃---30℃, Environment moisture:≤75%(RH)
Substrate temperature: 3℃ higher than air dew pint        
Construction method:Brush/Roller (Recommend)
Cleaning agent:Standard Polyaspartic thinner
Drying time:
Temperature(℃)      5         10      20       30    
Touch dry(hrs) 3 2.5 2 1.5
Hard dry (hrs) 12 10 6 5
The above data are for guidance only. Actual drying time can be long or short, depending on the film thickness, ventilation, ambient temperature and so on.
Surface treatment
1.Clean the tile residue with a rag
2.Pour a proper amount of putty powder or other powder on the surface of tile, and then use rags or emery cloth to   force the powder repeatedly to remove polishing wax and stains on the tile surface
3.Clean the powder and moisture on the surface of the tile
Shelf life: Component B:1 year  Component A:9 months
Storage temperature: 0℃-30℃
Component B:1KG or 20 KG  Component A:0.5KG or 10KG