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Polyaspartic Elastic Waterproof Topcoat

Item No.: PS9570
PS9570 is a high performance, rapid curing product based on the latest polyaspartic / polyurea technologies. it is intended for the waterproofing and anti-corrosion to concrete substrate such as basement, bridge, roof, warehouse etc.
PS9570 is consist of Polyaspartic esters and variety of pigment, filler,additive and solvent. All main ingredients are manufactured by own. 
■ Excellent weathering resistance,non-yellowing in 20 years
■ Great adhesion with matched polyurea primer 
■ Excellent elongation at break
■ Excellent waterproofing and decorative function
Application: For the waterproofing and anti-corrosion to concrete substrate such as basement, bridge, roof, warehouse etc.
Product Specification
Color:      Optional
Solid content by weight:≥70%
Flash point:   30±2℃
Viscosity:      1000±200CPS(25℃,A,B components combined)
Density:        1.07±0.05g/cm3
Gloss:           Semi-gloss or glossy
Film thickness(μm):  Dry:400-600    Wet:570-850
Theoretical coverage:7 Sqm/Kg/100μm
Actual value:Related to surface treatment, external environment,application method and other factors. 
Elongation:≧200%                                   test method:GB/T 16777-2008
Tensile strength:≧8MPa                           test method:GB/T 16777-2008
Tear strength N/mm:≧40                          test method:GB/T 529-2008
Adhension(concrete):≧4 MPa             test method:GB/T 5210-2006
Abrasion resistance(750g/500r) :≦40    test method:GB/T 1768-2006
Application paramether
Airless spray:A:B:thinner=1:1: (by weight)
Brush, roller apply:A:B=1:1(by weight)
Working time: 
Temperature(℃)      5         10        20        25   
Working time(hrs) 2 2 1.5 1
Environment temperature: -15℃-30℃, Environment moisture:≤85%
Substrate temperature: 3℃ higher than air dew pint        
Application method
Airless spray,air spray,brush and roller applying
Airless spray(two components) Recommendation
Nozzle size 0.19-0.23
Pressure 100-120kg.cm3
Cleaning agent/Thinner:Standard Polyaspartic thinner
Noted:Prior to apply by airless spary, brush or roller, please consult our engineer.
Drying time and application interval:
Temperature(℃)      -5           5         10          20         30     
Touch dry(hrs) 4 3 2 1.5 1
Hard dry (hrs) 24 12 10 8 6
interval(hrs) 24 12 10 8 6
Above data just for your reference, the actual drying time depends on film thickness, ventilation, humidity, primer, mechanical strength etc. 
Matched paint
Suitable paint: matched Polyaspartic primer, polyaspartic middle coating,or ask for our reference.
Surface treatment
  • Get rid of salt and other water-soluble contaminant with clean water
  • remove grease with approperiate detergent
  • ensure the surface being clean and dry before application
  • pay attention to the recoating window
Shelf life: Component A:1 year  Component  B:1 year
Storage temperature: 0℃-30℃
Component A:20KG or 5KG  Component B:20KG or 5KG