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Polyaspartic joint sealant

Item No.: PS8300
It is consist of Polyaspartic esters and variety of pigment, filler,additive ,solvent and MDI. All main ingredients are manufactured by own.
Designed for use
Used for caulking and leveling of foam, plastic and other substrates on concrete substrates (basements, bridges, roofs, warehouses, etc.).
  • Thick film facade construction
  • Environmentally friendly, close to zero VOC emissions
  • Good adhesion to epoxy primer
  • Excellent impact resistance and elongation at break
  • Easy to construct and dry quickly
Physical Parameters
Colo: According to customers’ requirement        
Weight Solid: ≥95%        
Flash point:   98±2℃        
Viscosity:      30000-50000CPS (25℃)        
Proportion:   1.3±0.05g/cm3        
Luster: Half-light or bright        
Main Technical indicators of Coating Film        
Elongation:≧100%                  test method:GB/T 16777-2008                                 
Tensile Strength:≧6MPa         test method:GB/T 16777-2008        
Adhesion (concrete):≧4 MPa  test method:GB/T 529-2008        
Tear strength N/mm:≧60         test method:GB/T 5210-2006        
Surface treatment
1,Rinse with salt water and other water-soluble dirt 2,Remove grease with a suitable detergent and degreaser 3,Make sure the surface is clean and dry before construction 4,Note the distance between the coating and the primer
Storage time: Paint: 1 year Curing agent: 9 months Storage temperature: 0 ℃ -30 ℃
Paint: 20KG curing agent: 10KG