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Polyaspartic Water Park Elastic Anti-slip Topcoat

Item No.: HA9507
It is mainly used for anti-skid finish of water park system with good decorative effect.
It is composed of polyaspartic acid ester resin, various pigments and fillers, auxiliaries, isocyanate curing agent, etc. The main components used are aspartic acid ester resin, pigments and fillers, auxiliaries, isocyanate curing agent, etc.raw materials are produced by own. Component C is added to the anti-skid finish according to the ratio provided.
Features and benefits
  • Good adhesion with polyurea.
  • Excellent resistance to disinfectant water
  • Simple construction and quick drying.
  • Excellent weather resistance and skid resistance.
Design purpose: It is mainly used for anti-skid finish of water park system with good decorative effect.
Typical physical and chemical properties
Color According to customers’ requirement
Weight Solid : 60%-78%
Flash point: 30±2℃
Viscosity: 1000±200CPS(25℃,Two component mixing)
Proportion: 1.0±0.1g/cm3(mixing)
Coating thickness: Dry Film:100-150μm    Wet film:140-210μm
Theoretical coating rate:
Theoretical value:4㎡/Kg/150μm
Actual value: Varies according to various factors such as surface treatment, external environment, construction method, etc.
Construction parameters
Scrape + roll:B: A: thinner = 1:0.5:0.2-0.3 (no anti-slip effect)
Scrape + roll:B: A: C: thinner = 20:10:1.2 (anti-slip effect type)
Coating available time:
Temperature(℃) 5 10 20 25
Mixing(hrs) 90~110 70~90 50~60 40~50
Construction conditions:-15 ℃ ---30 ℃, humidity: ≤ 85%
Substrate temperature: must be greater than the air dew point temperature above 3 ℃.
Cleaning agent: Polyurea standard thinner 
Drying time and coating interval:
Temperature (℃)     -5        5       10      20        30    
Touch dry(hrs) 4 2.5 2 1.5 1
Hard dry(hrs) 24 12 10 8 6
Coating interval (hrs) 48 24 20 16 12
The above data are for guidance only. Actual drying time / time interval before coating can be long or short, depending on film thickness, ventilation, humidity, lower paint, preloading requirements and mechanical strength.
Coating Painting System:
Application:epoxy penetrating primer, polyurea coating, or refer to our company's recommendation.
Surface treatment
1,Rinse with salt water and other water-soluble dirt
2,Remove grease with a suitable detergent and degreaser
3,Make sure the surface is clean and dry before construction
4,Note the distance between the coating and the primer
Storage time:  Paint(B): 1 year   Curing agent(A): 9 months
Storage temperature: 0 ℃ -30 ℃
Paint: 20KG   Curing agent: 20KG