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Solvent-based polyaspartic topcoat

Item No.: HA6371
HA6371 is a two component, quick drying, new generation polyaspartic based polyurea surface coating system for indoor and outdoor parking lots, indoor decorative floor and heavy industrial floor.
A solvent-based two-component coating composed of polyaspartic resin and aliphatic isocyanate cured.
■ Quick drying, short opening time
■ Excellent weather resistance 
■ Excellent scratch and abrasion resistance
Mainly used in high wear and scratch resistance requirements, with high hardness and excellent wear resistance, and good weather resistance and color retention performance, this topcoat is suitable for indoor and outdoor parking lots, indoor decorative floor and heavy industrial floor. The temperature is still solidified quickly at 0 °C.  It is containing solvents, When it is used in indoor, must assess environmental hazards.
Physical parameters
  Main agent Hardener
Appearance Colored viscous liquid Colorless liquid
Smell Irritating smell Slight
Viscosity25℃ 2000mpas 300mpas
Proportion25℃ 1.25 1.02
Solid content 68% 65%
Material physical properties after curing
Paint film appearance Semi-matt light skid-resistant surface
7th hardness 2H
Wear (CS17 wheel 750g,500 turn) 20mg
Anti-impact performance(1000g,1m) Pass
Acid resistance (sulfuric acid 10%) No discoloration, No blistering
Alkali resistance(Sodium hydroxide 20%) Slight discoloration, No blistering
Application parameters
roller apply:B:A:thinner=2:1:0.1-0.2 (by weight)
Working time: 
Temperature(℃)     25        30   
Working time(min)     30     25
Construction dosage: 0.15-0.2kg / m2
Environment temperature: 0℃-35℃, Environment moisture:≤80%
Substrate temperature: 3℃ higher than air dew point  
Thinner:Standard Polyaspartic thinner
Drying time :
temperature(℃)       25     
Foot traffic(hrs)        4
Tack free(hrs)        1
Hard drying(hrs)        4
Above data just for your reference, the actual drying time depends on film thickness, ventilation, humidity, primer, mechanical strength etc.
Surface treatment
  • Get rid of salt and other water-soluble contaminant with clean water
  • remove grease with approperiate detergent
  • ensure the surface being clean and dry before application
  • pay attention to the recoating window
Shelf life: Main agent(B):1 year  Hardener(A):9 months
Storage temperature: 5℃-35℃
Main agent:20KG ; Hardener:10KG