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Stadium stands spray polyurea waterproofing coating

Item No.: HS800A
The pure polyurea coating was chosen for the site because of its range of benefits. Thanks to the waterproofing properties of polyurea, the facilities under the grandstands will be well protected.
HS800A polyurea waterproofing coating is a 100% solids, two-component, fast-set, high-performance on-site spray molding materials. The product is mainly composed of isocyanate semi-prepolymer, terminal amino polyether chain extender and pigment., which has the advantages of high strength, good performance and quick construction.
1>. Without any thinner, environmental protection;
2>. Elongation, high flexibility, can adapt to the basic cracks and slight deformation;
3>. Good aging resistance
4>. Fast-set, can be sprayed on any surface, slope, vertical surface;
5>. Convenient construction, spraying a film.   

Solids content 100%
Hardness (Shore A) 75-90
Density 1.05g/cm³
Elongation ≥450%
Tensile strength 16MPa
Tear strength  ≥50N/mm
Water impermeability 0.4MPa,60min
Wear resistance (750g,500r)  30mg
Impact resistance 1.5kg.m
Electric strength 15kv/mm
Temperature variation -35------+120°C
Heating temperature 55-65°C
Recommended thickness >1500μm
Operating temperature range 0-35°C
Gel time(sec) 7-15
Tack free time(sec) 30-50
Water resistance(30d) no rust no bubbles no peel
Acid resistance (10%H2SO4 or 10%HCI, 30d) no rust no bubbles no peel
Alkali resistance 10%NaOH, 30d  no rust no bubbles no peel
Salt resistance 60g/L, 30d no rust no bubbles no peel
Salt spray resistance (2000h) no rust no bubbles no peel
Oil resistance 0# diesel crude oil 30d  no rust no bubbles no peel
waterproofing protection of Spectators stand,playground,stadium stand.
Two-component, A component 220KG / 200L barrel, B component 210KG / 200L barrel.