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Wind turbine blade putty

Item No.: 725-N07-93
A two pack polyaspartic ester putty, solvent free, giving excellent flexibility and adhesion for wind turbine blade.
Intended Uses
- As putty for repairing the defects of FRP surface.
Product Information
Volume Solids:100%                   Gloss Level:   Matt
Typical Film Thickness(1000μm) 200microns dry (273microns wet)
Theoretical Coverage(m2/L) 1m²/liter at typical film thickness
Mix Ratio: 3.8:1(volume)6.4:1(mass)
Method of Application Knife
Cleaner NX-501
Induction Period Not necessary
Drying Information 
        5℃           15℃          25℃          35℃    
Touch Dry     45min 30min 20min 15min
Hard Dry 4.5h 4h 3h 2.5h
Pot Life 70min 60min 45min 30min
Store in cool and dry conditions. Well ventilate. Keep away from hot and fire. Shelf Life: 12 months minimum at 25℃Subject to reinspection thereafter
Pack Size
Part A: 6.4kg/3.3L in 6L container
Part B: 1kg/0.9L in 1L container
Flash Point: Not available
Systems and Compatibility
Consult your sales Representative for the systems best suited for the surfaces to be protected.