Attention To The Purchase Of Paint

1. Good quality coating with good lubrication and viscosity, smell no pungent taste.

2. The purchase of paint should pay attention to the production date, once the coating exceeds the shelf life will occur milk, liquid separation, temperature action will produce chemical reaction, resulting in adhesion drop, affect quality.

3. When buying paint, do not neglect the primer, Paint primer and topcoat function, primer contains the adhesion of paint, mildew, anti-corrosion and other special effects, if only buy topcoat, do not buy primer, paint brushing may not reach the desired effect.

4. The selection of paints should also pay attention to the adhesion of coatings and VOC content, especially VOC content is the most important criteria for judging the quality of paint. Poor coating adhesion is very bad, easy to cause skin, cracking and even shedding.


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