Problems Related To Polyurea Applications

Question one:
How about the adhesion when using the polyurea coating on carbon steel?
Basic steps: First, sandblasting on the carbon steel; then brushing or spraying the special epoxy primer; finally spraying the polyurea coating. The adhesion > 10MPA. There were no problem with coating technology. Even if it was soaking in a long-term environment, we rarely heard about the bulging problem of coated products. So the primer technology is very important
Question two:
When polyurea is used outdoors for a long time, will it powder and change color?
There are two types of polyurea, aromatic polyurea and aliphatic polyurea. It is normal for aromatic polyurea to encounter such problems as slight chalking, aging, and discoloration problems. If you consider the cost, the best choice is choosing the dark gray color or black color, and its cost-effectiveness also is the best. In the atmosphere, the thickness is 2mm, The service life can be reached more than 25 years. If you choose other colors, you will need to coat the top coat for UV protection.
Aliphatic polyurea will not have the problems of discoloration, chalking and aging. Therefore, spraying aliphatic polyurea can achieve a good decorative effect without using the topcoat, and the service life can reach more than 25 years. But the cost of aliphatic polyurea is expensive.
Question three:
Can polyurea be used on the surface of polyurethane foam?
Polyurethane + polyurea, the appearance will be that of polyurethane foam as below picture, The reason is that the thickness of polyurethane foam is relatively thick.
if there is no requirement for the appearance, they are the best match.
According to the experience, Due to high construction technology requirements, new constructors must not be able to do this project with polyurethane + polyurea.


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