Decorative Flooring-Polyaspartic Coating With Colored Rock Slice Construction Guide

1. Application: It is suitable for the construction of substrates, such as the construction of concrete, marble, steel plate, etc. After the construction completed, it can present the marble pattern effect.

It can be used indoor and outdoor, with mild concave-convex effect (see model effect).

2.Preparation before construction:

(1)Before construction, Please checking the condition of the concrete base surface on site to ensure that the maintain time of concrete is longer than 4 weeks, and the moisture content is below 8%.

(2)Construction tools (grinder, vacuum cleaner, mixer, electronic scale,
trowel, long-handled cleaning brush (or rubber push plate), defoaming roller, spikes, trowel, short hair or sponge roller, etc.)

3.Construction technology:

(1)There are many types of colorful floor materials (PV400,PV100 and HA6463), and the application effect is similar.
(2)If the quality of the selected rock chips is poor, and there is a problem of warping. it should be shoveled, cleaned up, and recoated with PV400 varnish again after the completion of process 5.

4.Processing description:

Operational time (Temperature 25℃ 70%RH):

Note: After the materials are mixed,the reaction is fast and the operation time is short.The construction must be fast to avoid the increase of material viscosity and construction problems.
(1)Polyaspartic materials need to be proportioned accurately.Please use an electronic scale to weigh accurately according to the proportion.
(2)If there are pigments used together, the addition amount can be more or less.Generally,it is recommended to be less than 30%, and the ratio of A,B materials will not be   affected.
(3)The mixing must be sufficiently uniform for 2-3 minutes.It is forbidden to buckle the barrel directly on the ground, which could cause poor local curing.
(4)High temperature and high humidity will accelerate the reaction of the material obviously.So be careful when constructing under high temperature and high humidity  environment. Starting with a small batch of samples and know the performance of the materials before large-scale construction.
(5)As the topcoat is varnish, it is easy to miss the construction.,Attention must be paid during construction and check carefully after construction,and ensure that the repair work is completed well.


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