• Polyaspartic Joint Sealant

Polyaspartic Joint Sealant

Product introduction:
It is consist of Polyaspartic esters and variety of pigment, filler,additive ,solvent and MDI. All main ingredients are manufactured by own.
Designed for use: Used for caulking and leveling of foam, plastic and other substrates on concrete substrates (basements, bridges, roofs, warehouses, etc.).
● Thick film facade construction
● Environmentally friendly, close to zero VOC emissions
● Good adhesion to epoxy primer
● Excellent impact resistance and elongation at break
● Easy to construct and dry quickly

Physical Parameters
Color: According to customers’ requirement
Weight Solid: ≥95%
Flash point: 98±2℃
Viscosity: 30000-50000CPS (25℃)
Proportion: 1.3±0.05g/cm3
Luster: Half-light or bright
Main Technical indicators of Coating Film
Elongation:≧100%                  test method:GB/T 16777-2008
Tensile Strength:≧6MPa         test method:GB/T 16777-2008
Adhesion (concrete):≧4 MPa test method:GB/T 529-2008
Tear strength N/mm:≧60         test method:GB/T 5210-2006
Construction parameters
Using:Main paint:curing agentr=1:0.5
Coating available time:

Construction conditions: -5 ℃ ---30 ℃, humidity: ≤ 85%
Substrate temperature: must be greater than the air dew point temperature above 3 ℃
Construction method:Scraping
Cleaning agent / thinner: Polyurea standard thinner
Drying time and coating interval:

The above data are for guidance only. Actual drying time / time interval before coating can be long or short, depending on film thickness, ventilation, humidity, lower paint, preloading requirements and mechanical strength.
Painting matching:
Applicable: epoxy primer, polyurea coating, or refer to our recommended systems
Surface treatment:
1,Rinse with salt water and other water-soluble dirt 2,Remove grease with a suitable detergent and degreaser 3,Make sure the surface is clean and dry before construction 4,Note the distance between the coating and the primer
Storage time: Paint: 1 year Curing agent: 9 months Storage temperature: 0 ℃ -30 ℃
Paint: 20KG curing agent: 10KG


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