Comparison of polyurea coatings and traditional coatings

Polyurea, also known as spray polyurea elastomer, is an emerging environmentally friendly coating technology. It is mainly formed by the reaction of isocyanate and amino compound, and is divided into two major categories: aromatic and aliphatic.

Compared to conventional paint coating techniques, polyurea has the following advantages:

(1) It does not contain a catalyst, it cures quickly, and it can gel in 5s.

(2) The construction is simple and the spraying is rapid. It can be sprayed on any curved surface, inclined surface and vertical surface without sag phenomenon and beautiful shape.

(3) It is not sensitive to environmental factors such as moisture and moisture, and the construction is cheap.

(4) Two-component, 100 solid content, can be directly set to thickness for spraying, without repeated brushing construction.

(5) It has strong tensile strength, tear strength, compression resistance, flexibility, wear resistance, etc. It can also change performance according to different requirements to meet better needs.

(6) High thermal stability, stable performance after cold and heat changes, long-term use at 150 °C, can withstand short-term thermal shock of 350 °C.

(7) High chemical resistance, can maintain the performance under harsh conditions such as acidity, alkalinity and salt.

(8) Surface granulation, colorful construction, to meet different needs.

Due to its superiority with traditional coatings, polyurea materials are gradually accepted and recognized by major military frontiers, major projects, and civil facilities.


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