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Epoxy Coating

  • Product Item : EP1304
  • Category: Primer-Sealant
  • A two-component coating consisting of E51 epoxy resin and modified polyamide and aromatic amine curing agents.


Material base data(25℃,60%RH)

Mixed material Data(25℃,60%RH)
Viscosity of mixed25℃: 150MPaS
Mixing proportion25℃ :1.01
Potlife20℃: 50min
Dry time: 6hr
Hard drying time: 20hr
Recoatable time:6hr
Operation time and temperature relation

Material physical properties after curing

Construction prohibited when humidity is greater than 90%RH;
Ensure that the concrete reaches the maintenance standard and the moisture content is lower than 8% before
construction carried out;
The concrete foundation must be polished and cleaned thoroughly before construction carried out;
The reaction is very fast, After stirring, all must be poured on the ground to prevent the heat from melting in the

User's guidance:
Mix the two ingredients strictly in proportion and stir well; short-stem roller or Trowel construction;
Coating amount controlled by 0.1-0.15kg/m2.
Storage/Shelf Life:Ideal storage condition is 10-35℃in cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight. / One year


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